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Wednesday, 10-02-19

Strength: Bench/Strict Press
50×5, 55×4, 65×3, 70×2, 75×1 80×1, 85×1 65 AMRAP

15’ Clean & Jerk lifting session – Build up to a heavy single

Conditioning:  4 sets – Every 3 minutes:
Row 150m
2 Clean & Jerks @ 75-80%
Rest for remainder of the 3’

Notes: We’ve got a 15’ lifting session to work on technique and build up to a heavy C&J single. If you have time, go for a max effort lift. On the WOD, the percentage should be based on your lifetime PR. These should NOT be touch-and-go, rip it off the ground C&J reps. They should be heavy and challenging enough that you do a setup, full clean, split jerk, and have to think about each one. The row will be just enough to spike your heart rate up and force you to concentrate even more on the lift.

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