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Wednesday, 03-13-2019

Strength: Bench or shoulder press
Heavy doubles at 85% of 1RM

15’ of clean & jerk warm-up, building weight. These can be either full or power cleans and push or split jerks.

Conditioning. 4 sets – Every 3 minutes:
100m row
10 wall balls (20/15)
3 Clean & Jerks @ 70-75%
Rest for remainder of the 3 minutes.

Notes: The C&J warm-up should be focused on good technique and building to a medium or heavy load. Grab a coach if you need technical pointers. The WOD is designed to spike your heart rate with two low skill movements and force you to concentrate on good form on the heavier, high skill C&J movement. The C&J can be power cleans and push jerks although athletes can feel free to use full squats and split jerks. The percentage is based on your lifetime 1 rep max. The weight should be challenging enough where you are doing a complete reset after each lift. No touch and go.

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