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Wednesday, 01-23-2019

Strength: Overhead squats: 5 x 2 @ 75-80%
Notes:  Warm-up with doubles and triples, building to a heavy double, which should be around the 75-80% range if you have a previously established max.

Unbroken Power Clean Warm-up sets. Take 1-2’ rest in between sets. Each person will choose their own weights. The weights listed below are examples only.
2 x 5 @ 95 lbs
1 x 10 @ 95 lbs
1 x 5 @ 115 lbs
1 x 10 @ 115
1 x 3 @ 135 (challenging weight)
1 x 5 @ 135 (challenging weight)

Notes: These are only example loads. Each person should decide what their “challenging weight” would be if they had to do an unbroken set of 10 cleans in the middle of the WOD. The weight could be pretty light if you’re not used to going unbroken. Start light and work up to your final load on the last two sets. Focus on precision and excellent technique. Take as much rest as you need.

3 rounds:
10 pull-ups
10 power cleans (unbroken) at your challenging weight

Notes: Short, high intensity sprint to integrate in the unbroken skill work. Goal is to do all or as many sets of cleans unbroken. Really focus on it…take a couple of seconds and get mentally set before attacking the bar. This drill is as much about control as it is about power. If you have to break the set, do as many as possible before dropping the bar instead of splitting into 2 sets of 5, e.g. 7 reps and then drop.

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