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Wednesday, 01-09-2019



1 Clean Deadlift, 1 Hang Clean, 1 Jerk
Increase weight every 2 rounds


21-15-9 (Sled Push after each round)
Deadlifts 60% 1 Rep Max
Ball Slam 20/15
50M Sled Push 3×45 / 2×45

12 Minute Cap

WOD Tips:

The first part of Today’s workout is your chance to work on olympic weightlifting technique in a time controlled environment. Try to increase weight every two rounds as long as your form stays sound. The hang clean will help you develop the skills to get under the bar fast.

The workout of the day is a fast leg burner WOD. The ball slam and heavier than normal sled pushes will take its toll on the quads. Be ready!

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