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Tuesday, 08-20-2019

Conditioning. Teams of 2. For Time

1 Mile Run

10 Rope Climb

6 Rounds of Cindy Each — Relay Style
5 — Pull Ups
10 — Push Ups
15 — Air Squats

10 Rope Climb

2000m Row

Notes: Today, we have a nasty version of a Cindy Sandwich. During the Run and Row, both partners will be working at the same time. The Row is split evenly 1000m each. The Rope Climbs are You-go-I-go, and also split evenly 5 each. For the Cindy portion, Each partner completes 5 total rounds relay style.

L1 – 6 Rounds Per Teammate
L2 – 8 Rounds Per Teammate

Time Goal: 35 Minutes +/- 3
Time Cap: 45 Minutes

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