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Tuesday, 06-04-2019

2 x 6′ HIIT Warmup (40” on / 20” off)

High knees
Jumping jacks
Mountain climbers
Flutter kicks
PVC shoot throughs
~1’ break~
KB high pulls
Ball slams
KB swings
Russian twists with ball
Wall balls

Conditioning: 20′ AMRAP
Partner WOD. All movements U-go-I-go except farmers carry. Split work.

400m Farmers carry bar (2 x 25/2 x 15)
60 Front squats (135/95)
60 Burpee over bar
30 Push presses (135/96)
60 Pull-ups
60 Deadlifts (135/95)
60 PVC shoot throughs

Rx+: HSPU for push press, 155/105 front squat and deadlift

Workout notes: 12’ of HIIT will get you thoroughly warmed up for the conditioning WOD. The  chipper is a mix of low skill grunt work and light barbell movements. Advanced members can substitute HSPU and heavier loads. Partners should be able to get into a second round of the chipper inside the 20’.

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