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Thursday, 6-4-2020🔥🔥

Notes: Everything should be light and easy on the Low section. If you normally do ring dips, do bar dips instead to get everything warmed up. Try 35 lbs instead of 50 lbs on the shoulder press and 95/65 on the cleans with a focus on good technique. This is not a good one to go vested on.

12′ EMOM

  • 10 dips (any kind) + 15″ active hang from rig
  • 10 DB shoulder press (light)
  • 15 sit-ups
  • 3 squat cleans (light)

8 rounds of
100m row
5 DB shoulder press or 5 HSPU
2 squat cleans (medium)
5 dips (or 1 muscle-up)
30″ hollow rock hold

Notes: Increase the weight on the cleans. Experienced crossfitters can do handstand push-ups instead of shoulder press and even 1 muscle-up (ring or bar) instead of dips. Since we haven’t done HSPU or MU in forever, be conservative with these movements.

3 rounds at max effort / 90″ rest
1 squat clean (heavy)
10 burpees

Notes: Go as heavy as you want and still maintain great technique on the clean! Have fun on this one.

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