PRIMUS Fitness

Thursday, 1-30-2020

Coach-led banded mobility: Shoulders

Warmup for quality:
2 rounds of the following
100m run
2 Turkish get-ups (light dumbbell or KB)
3 rope pulls
5 dips
10 shoulder shrugs with dumbbells or kettlebells
10 push-ups

Demo specialty push-ups and practice each one: dynamic, clapping, earthquake

400m run with sandbag
25 sandbag squats
10 strict pullups
5 sandbag getups
4 rope climbs
800m row
5 sandbag getups
10 strict pullups
25 dips
25 specialty pushups
400m run with sandbag

RTG: Vested

Notes: Specialty push-ups can be dynamic, clapping or earthquake push-ups. Normal pushups can be substituted and also can be done from the knees.

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