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Thursday, 03-14-2019

Warm-up snatches for 10 minutes to about 75% of 1RM.

Skills EMOM – 12’ (3 sets of the following)
1. 1 rep snatch @ 75-80%
2. 30 double unders
3. Athlete’s choice movement and rep count
4. 2 rope climbs

Partner conditioning WOD
2 rounds of the following. Split reps, U-go-I-go:
400m sled push with a partner (45/25 plate)
20 Tire flips
60 Dumbbell snatches (50/35)
20 Handstand push-ups
30m Broad jumps between cones (both partners at the same time)

Notes: For the skills EMOM, pick a movement on #3 that you want to improve on and do an accomplishable but challenging rep count. For example, you might do 4 unbroken muscle-ups or 10 ring dips. Experienced athletes could try unbroken double unders and legless rope climbs. On the conditioning WOD, grab a partner and split reps. The sled push is pretty light, so sprint out that 400m! If you’re planning on competing in 19.4 on Friday, you might want to bring your intensity down a bit. Don’t make yourself sore for tomorrow.

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