PRIMUS Fitness

The Long Haul

As a 4 Person Team

1. Carry disassembled Bar (95#M/75#F) to 400M Station
– assemble bar and complete 100 thrusters
2. Complete the loop back to FB
3. Equipment Carry 1 SandBag (60#) and 1 SlammerBall (20-25#) to 400M Station
– complete 80 Push Press (95#/65#)
– complete loop w/Equipment Carry back to FB
4. Sled Push to 400M Station
– complete 80 Power Clean (95#/65#)
– complete the loop back to FB with Sled Push
5. 300 Ball Slams in the FB
6. Run to 400M Station
– disassemble bar and complete the loop back to FB

For Time.

(FB Loop equals 1,010m)

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