PRIMUS Fitness

Saturday, 01-12-2019


Teams of Four

1000M Sled Push 2×45/1×45
Each Team carries sandbag on sled push (Sandbag cannot be put on sled)

400M Mark (2 teammates working at a time)
100 Sandbag Cleans
100 Push-ups

800M Mark
100 Sandbag Squats (You Go I Go)

Finish Sled Push to Gym

100M Tire Flip in Field (2 Teammates Tire Flip, 2 Teammates Sandbag Lunge, Switch at halfway point)

Return to the Gym

100 Barbell Thrusters 115/85 (You Go I Go)

12 Rope Climbs
20 Burpees (Synchronized)

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