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RX Daily Nutritional Guidlines

Breakfast: Eat within an hour of waking. Eat lots of PROTEIN, FAT, VEGGIES and FRUIT. Do not over indulge on high sugar carbs like fruit or sweet potatoes. You want to create a solid foundation for sutained energy through the morning.

Snack: Eat some more PROTEIN and FAT. This should be about a half meal size or a little more. You want to be able to curb your hunger and stay mentally focused for current tasks on hand.

Lunch: Eat at your regular lunch time, which should be about 3-4 hours after breakfast. Make this your biggest meal of the day. Lots of PROTEIN, FAT, and VEGES. A serving of FRUIT or two won’t hurt.

Snack: Same as before with PROTEIN and FAT. Enough to keep you energized for back half of the day.

Dinner: This is the smallest meal of the day. You have the least amount of hours to digest and utilize this meal so keep it small and portioned. PROTEIN and FAT should make up the majority of this meal. Avoid the urges to splurge on chocolates, wine, or even fruits. Try to get this meal consumed with a few hours to spare before bed.

Pre Workout Meals: If you workout, eat some PROTEIN and FAT (no dense VEGGIES) about 30-60 beforehand. Even a small amount of FRUIT will be ok to fuel the body.

Post Workout Meals: Immediately after drink a PROTEIN SHAKE and/or easily digestible lean PROTEIN and dense CARBS (yams or sweet potatoes)

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