PRIMUS Fitness

Monday, 6-8-2020

Test Squat 1RM/3RM/5RM
Determining 1RM from:
3RM – (Weight) x 1.06
5RM – (Weight) x 1.12

More than 5 Reps and the calculations will not be very accurate. Try to find at least 5RM

4 Rounds
12 Shoulder-to-overheads
10 T2B (SX: hanging knee raises or V-Ups)
8 Man makers 35+/20+ (pu-row-row)
RUN: R1=400m, R2=-200m-R3=400m-R4=200m (250m & 500m rows if raining)

L1 95/65
L2 115/80
L3 135/95

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