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Monday, 04-08-2019


Wendler Week 3 Squats with Superset Pull-ups

5X40%, 5X50%, 3×60%, 5×75%, 3×85%, 1+ x95%


10,9,8,7…. Hang Cleans 95/65

1,2,3,4,5… Push-ups

Cash Out:

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WOD Tips:

Week 3 Wendler cycle jumps those squats up to 95%. If you can get 3-5 reps at this weight, you are on track for big gains by the end of the cycle. The conditioning workout today focuses on classic push and pull upper body movements. Weights on the hang cleans should be light enough to go unbroken through the entire workout. Break up your push-ups in the later rounds for a faster finish.

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