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Hell Week @ the FireBase, July 21-26

In honor of our 6th anniversary, we will be hosting the first ever FireBase Hell Week starting Monday July 21st through Saturday July 26th. This will be a grueling test of will, as well as physical stamina. All workouts will be rain or shine, outdoors or in. Make no mistake, these will be miserable.

Members MUST sign up in advance to participate in this challenge. After successful completion of Hell Week, you will be awarded the FireBase Infidel Hell Week Morale Patch. This Patch will not be sold. You must complete the workouts to earn it. Deadline for signups is July 19th. Workouts begin on July 21. If you normally do not come 4 or more times in a week, we will sell you additional visits at a highly discounted rate, to facilitate your participation.

Hell Week Classes will be offered at 3 WOD hours each day, and you must complete 4 of 6 workouts that week to qualify for the Hell Week Morale Patch. They may run slightly beyond the hour some days. However, we can not predict everyone’s abilities. Patches will be awarded on 7/26, at the completion of the day’s WODs and beginning of the FB birthday celebration.

Normal WODs will be run each day, alongside these WODs.

Here is a preliminary list of items you will need to participate:
Hydration Bladder
Swim Fins/Goggles

We look forward to everyone’s participation in Hell Week.
-Training Staff

*Just kidding about the goggles and fins.

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