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Hawt Fire, 5-28-2020🔥🔥

Equipment needed: barbell, sled, rope, abmat, rings

Notes: Any type of thruster can be used. Go medium weight thruster on the second section. This is a good WOD to go vested.

15 bar thrusters or light DB thrusters
200m run
10 ring rows
10 sit-ups
:45 rest

Notes: Skip the run if you start a new round and have only like 30 seconds left. Go straight to rings rows and get some reps in.

4 rounds of the following
8 thrusters (95/65)
100m run
100m sled sprint (45/25)
15 situps
15 supermans
3 rope pulls or 1 rope climb
:45 bear hug hold (plate or odd object)

2 rounds / 90″ rest
50m sled sprint (add additional plates)
10 burpees

Notes: add another 1-2 plates on the sled for additional spice. It should be heavy.

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