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🔥🔥Hawt Fire, 4-16-2020🔥🔥


Password: 840596

Equipment needed: kettlebell, dumbell, barbell and plates. Can be done with dumbbell thrusters if no barbell or a plate instead of kettlebells. MOD for thrusters is front squats if your ceiling is too low.

12’ EMOM (3 sets of the following)

  • 15 situps
  • 12 dumbbell snatches or plate G2O (lighter Dumbbell if you have it)
  • 16 reverse lunges
  • 10 barbell thrusters


Instructions: Do all 6 rounds below back-to-back with no break in between. Shooting for around 18-20″. If you the ceiling in your garage is too low for thrusters, switch to front squats.

3 rounds:
15 American kettlebell swings
5 burpees
10 weighted lunges (with KB or DB)
5 burpees
30″ bearhug holds with plate

3 rounds:
15 plate ground-to-overhead (45/25)
5 burpees
10 thrusters (95/65) or front squats
5 burpees
30″ bearhug holds with plates

3 rounds / 90″ rest in between rounds
5 burpees
3 thrusters (115/75) or front squats
5 burpees

Instructions: Increase the thruster weight if you can. Dumbbells can be used if no barbell. The goal of this part is sprint speed and precise reps. Should be between 30-40″ per sprint.


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