PRIMUS Fitness

Happy Valen”teams” Day

As a 2 person team:

200 Calorie Row*
60 Manmaker Pushups (25#M/15#F )
Run FB Loop
60 Thrusters (95#M/65#F)
10 Rope Climbs
Run FB Loop
60 Burpee Pullups
200 Air Squats

For time.

RTG- Manmaker Pushups- 35#M/25#F, Thruster 115#M/95#F
Scaled- 1/2 Reps and 800m Runs

*Row for calories while partner works on Manmaker Pushups. Switch positions every 20 calories. When Manmaker Pushups are complete, non-rowing partner holds in plank position.

And, finally… a little gift for all of you.

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