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FireBase Infidels place 17th at Southeast Regionals

A big thank you and congratulations to the FireBase Infidels. They Represented the FireBase with integrity, determination and class. Overcoming the heavy weight in the Southeast Regional this year, the Infidels chipped away at the competition, climbing from 30th place to finish in 17th. Competing this year were Marc Nickens, Tommy Kasper, Brett Harbach, Marison Esquilin, Cathy Williams, and Stephanie Nickitas, along with alternates Nate Hemphill and Lauren Shave. All of these athletes came together for training, coaching and preparation leading up to the event. Their dedication and  drive was evident at Regionals.

Additionally, Elly Kabboord competed as an individual athlete and represented the Firebase with passion, integrity and heart.


When you see them around, be sure to congratulate all these outstanding athletes.

Be sure to check out the post below. It has Team WOD 3 attached.

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