PRIMUS Fitness

“Bear Ladder”

1 – Deadlift
1 – Hang Power Clean
1 – Front Squat
1 – Push Press
1 – Back Squat
1 – Push Press

You will pick the weight for this workout, but you must use the same weight for the whole workout.  You will start with one cycle of “The Bear”. Rest as long as you like, then do two cycles.  Rest as long as you like then do three cycles.  The goal is to get to 10 cycles, but you must finish in 20 minutes.  A cycle of the bear is a deadlift to hang power clean to front squat to push press to back squat to push press.  When doing more than one cycle, you can only touch and go when the bar touches the ground for the deadlift.  During the cycles, you can rest anywhere within the cycle (bar at shoulders, bar in the hang, etc.)

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