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A Message from Dave C.

Hey Guys,

I am quite spent after the Toughest Competitor Alive event
at the FLA Police/Fire Games
down South held on June 23rd. Eight grueling events in one
day, all while dodging the monsoon rains and lightning. I ended up in
4th place in my age group, and probably 12-15th overall, out of 60-plus
Here is how I fared:

20′ Rope Climb-:13.5, cutoff time was :23
Three Mile Run-22:08
Bench Press-280# (second in Age Group)
100 yard swim-1:19.47
Obstacle Course-:35.0 (second in Age Group)
Shot Put-39’3" (second overall-haven’t tossed a shot since 1984!)
Max deadhang pullups-19
100m Dash-13.5 seconds

I ended up finishing better than last year’s 18-29 World Games
winner, now that he’s 30! Also, I got to talk to all the top guys who
said they’ve been training specifically for this event since
March/April; they weren’t exactly pleased to hear me say that I just
started my specific event training last week (not to mention I haven’t
swam since 2008 Baldwin Park tri). They told me that the 2009 TCA
Worlds will be at Disney’s Wide World of Sports, so I will be gunning
for a spot on the podium for sure! That means lots more rope climbing
and DH pullups….suck! Thanks a ton for your uniquely painful WODs to
keep me always questioning my consistently infrequent membership.

Dave Coughlin
Orange County Fire Rescue
Truck 54/A


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