PRIMUS Fitness

5K plus 15:00

As a team of 2 complete:
3:00 AMRAP of Walking Pushup*
1000m Run
3:00 AMRAP of In Place Overhead Plate Lunge (45/25)
1000m Run
3:00 AMRAP of Shoulder to Overhead
1000m Run
3:00 AMRAP of Infidel Burpees
1000m Run
3:00 AMRAP of Toes to Bar
1000m Run

For Time and Reps.

All Reps are You-Go-I-Go. Rest as needed.
At Completion of each run, rest until the top of the minute before beginning work.
* Walking Pushup- On a 45# plate, complete 1 Pushup, walk hands out until 1 hand is on plate and one on ground, and complete a pushup. Walk back to plate, complete a pushup, walk out to other side, and complete a pushup. Each pushup is 1 Rep.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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