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For Time

As a Team of 4, complete 5 Rounds for Time of the following:

Movements are set up circuit style.
Round 1

Move 500 meters to halfway point with barbell, plates and clamps. Along route there will be a 150 meter cone to cone overhead carry, wherein all members must carry their barbell and plates over head.  Members must stop in place if the weight leaves the OH position at any point. Once at the halfway point, members assemble bars and perform the following.

80 Push Press (20 per person)
Suicide Shuttle *

*If a member cannot perform the 20 reps of the push press in succession, then they must complete a suicide shuttle run for every time the member drops the bar or transitions to another member up until the full 20 reps are complete.

Members will then disassemble bars and move 500m back to location 2, along the route they will encounter another 150m overhead carry, where the same rules apply.

Rounds 1, 3, and 5 are full 1k movements with all weights.

Rounds 2 and 4, the weights remain at half way point.

At location 2 perform the following:
200 Air Squats (50 per person)
8 Rope Climbs

Brute: 115#/95#/2 Rope Climbs Unbroken (ascend/descend without touching the ground and ascend again for 2 climbs)
RX: 95#/65#
Scale as needed

*Every time the bar is placed on ground, complete suicide shuttle.  If bar is not placed on ground, every team member completes one suicide shuttle per round.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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