PRIMUS Fitness

Wednesday, 5-27-2020

“The Devil Wears Power”

BulletProofing: Strict Overhead or Bench Press

We are going to bulletproof the strict press to ensure we are ready and able to start our new strength cycle.

If all major cues are hit, finding a 5-rep max is a good use of time.
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

25 Minute AMRAP
1. 25 Box Jumps (20″/18″)
2. 12 Medicine Ball Chase – 14#/12#
3. 30 Bicycle Crunch
4. 8 Push Press/Jerk (L1 95/65, L2/3 115/75)

You should hit 5+ rounds.
2. Front chest throw width of Box –
3. Single leg
4. L1/2 should be PP, L3 should be jerk with 115/75+

Chest Throw:

The width of the Box using a medicine ball should be a good distance to throw depending on class size. If needed head outside.

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