PRIMUS Fitness

Wednesday, 4-15-2020

Squats (4 x 8)
72% of 1RM
Going in up a little in weight this week.

Deadlifts (1 x 5)
82% of 1RM
Pausing at the bottom of each rep, no touch and go.

Conditioning: 21-15-9
Sandbag Get-ups (65#) – Kettlebell Get-ups (50#)
Broad Jumps (RX+ Burpee Broad Jumps)
Push Press (95/65) / Hang High Pull (115/75)

Core Finisher-
30-Russian Twists
2min Plank hold any position

RX+ is Broad Jump Burpees

Goal Time should be 18 Min/less.

Scaling – Sandbag Shouldering
– BearHug Loaded Carry (sandbag/odd object) 50m
– Push Ups

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