PRIMUS Fitness

Wednesday, 10-09-2019

Warm up PVC Pipe


Bench or Strict Press


3 rounds for time:

500M Row

Round 1 – 100M Kettlebell Suitcase Carry 53/35 or 70/53
Round 2 – 100M Kettlebell Front Rack Carry 53/35 or 70/53
Round 3 – 100M Kettlebell Front Rack + Suitcase Carry 53/35 or 70/53

5 Burpee Penalty every time the Kettle bells are set down

Cash Out

5×5 Bro Sessh Dumbbells superset with Dumbbell Rows


Today’s workout will be harder than it looks, especially if you go heavier on the Kettlebells. Your rest may actually be on the rower.

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