PRIMUS Fitness

Wednesday, 07-04-2018

Operation: Independence Day III

Teams of 4

2 teammates run 1000M, 2 teammates row 1200M buy-in
20 team fist bump push-ups (in gym)

Go to grassy field. Full team does each movement at the same time.
* 50M bear crawl
* 50M crab walk
* 50M broad jumps
* 50M walking lunge

Go into gym, u-go-i-go: (2 people working at once)
120 wall balls 20/14
120 toes-2-bar

Prowler push (2 x 45/25) with equipment carry. Barbell, clips, and plates (95/75). Transport equipment any way.

At 400M marker: 80 cleans (95/75) + 100 sit-ups (two people working at once)

At cul-de-sac: 80 thrusters (95/75) + 100 air squats (two people working at once)

Return to gym from cul-de-sac

12 rope climb cash out


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