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Wednesday, 06-12-2019

Warmup: Progression (5 Mins)
Strict Press
Push Press
Push Jerk

Skill: Footwork (5 Mins)

Strength: Split Jerk (24 Mins)
E3MOM — 8 Rounds
2×3 60%
2×3 70%
2×2 75%
2×2 80%

Conditioning. EMOM 15
1) 5 — Deadlift @ 60%
2) 5 — Box Jump Over
3) Max Double Under

WOD Notes:  Three Movements… Three Minutes. Moderately heavy sets of 5 for the deadlifts. Make sure to stay tight and don’t let the later sets get sloppy. For the Box Jump Overs, there are only 5 in a minute so attempt to increase the height a bit to create a challenge. A max set of double unders for an entire minute to round out the triplet will spike the heart rate just enough.

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