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Wednesday, 06-05-2019


Warmup: 10′ EMOM
odd – 5 quarter squat against wall + 5 PVC split jerks
even – 10 v-ups

Strength: Split Jerks
5 x 2 rack split jerks
work up to a heavy double

Conditioning: 20′ EMOM
odd – 12/10 cals on any machine
even – 25 double unders

Rx+: 14/12 cals, 25 unbroken dubs

Workout notes: Coaches will lead proper split jerk technique session with a focus on upright torso. Make sure not to bend in either direction when executing the jerk! The warmup EMOM is very easy and should be focused on jerk technique. Then, partner up and work through jerk doubles from the rack. The conditioning WOD is a pure metcon. Feel free to rotate through the machines (rower, ski, bike). Stay in control and try to nail unbroken double unders if you have them.

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