PRIMUS Fitness

Wednesday, 05-08-2019

Strength: Press
Super set Lunges or step-ups 5×5 each leg

10’ warmup rope climbs, box jumps, double unders, snatches.

4 sets of 2’ AMRAPs with a 2’ break in between each set.

2’ AMRAPs:
1 rope climb
8 Wall balls (20/14)
8 Box jumps (24/20)
30 Double unders
8 Dumbbell snatches (50/30)

Rx+: Legless rope climb, heavy wall balls (30/20), taller box, DB snatch (70/50)

Notes: Today’s conditioning workout features intervals with a mix of high and low skill movements with equal rest time. See if you can get into a second round for each interval and note your best set. Really go for it on these and see how far you can get. Rx members, try the plus version for an additional challenge.

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