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Wednesday, 04-03-2019

Strength: Presses
Superset Lunges 5×5 or Step ups 5×5 (Each Leg)

12’ clean & jerk warm-up with barbell. Work up to your working weight.

8 rounds of the following
200m row
1 clean & jerk @ 75-80%
4 burpees over bar

WOD Notes: The 200 meter rows should be quick sprints to spike your heart rate. Only 1 C&J per round, so try to go heavy and do perfect lifts. These can be power cleans & push jerks, although full cleans and split jerks is preferred. Wear your Oly shoes and really focus on lifting technique while in the middle of the WOD. It’s better to take a few seconds to gather yourself and get set properly instead of just ripping the weight off the ground.

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