PRIMUS Fitness

Tuesday, 7-20-2021

10 min snatch complex EMOM:
1 complex per minute
Snatch complex= 1 OHS, 1 snatch balance, 2 power or squat snatches

⁃ Include a full squat on the snatch balance
⁃ The main priority here is solid technique , once you feel stable and comfortable with the movements move up in weight
⁃ When you’re doing the squat stay at the bottom of the squat for 2-3 seconds with the barbell overhead before standing back up. This is to challenge your stability in that overhead squat position

35 min AMRAP
Teams of 2
Both partners working at the same time

P1- 100m sled push (2/1)
P2- Max push-ups until P1 gets back

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