PRIMUS Fitness

Tuesday, 2-11-2020

Teams of 2

Buy-in 4k row/run : Can work at the same time, but only one person on a rower at a time.

You-Go-I-Go style 556 reps total any of the following” “matched couplets”

Teams of 3 or RTG = 700reps

Your team must follow the exercise on the left with MATCHING REPS of the exercise on the right before continuing to your next couplet. You must work in the same couplet as your partner, you can not revisit a couplet after you switch. Scale accordingly.

  • Double KB Swing to Row/Seated Overhead KB Press
  • Weighted Sit ups/Wheelbarrow Push ups
  • Bar over Burpees/Power Cleans
  • Hammer Strikes/Tire Flips
  • KB Snatch/Pull-ups
  • T2B/10m sprint (100m counts as 10)
  • DB Curls/DB G2OH
  • DB Thrusters/Bent over rows
  • DB Box Steps/Man Makers
  • V-Ups/Front Squat

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