PRIMUS Fitness

Tuesday, 11-23-2021

5 min warm up
With a running clock until failure:

– 30 Air squats
– 20 Burpees
– 10 sit-ups

Round 1- 0-3:30
Round 2- 3:30-6:30
Round 3- 6:30-9

Complete one round of air squats, burpees, and sit-ups in one round of time

Each round decreases by 30 seconds.

Make it as far as possible!! You’re workout as done as soon as you can’t complete the reps in the given time.
Complete one round per 10 minutes. Whatever time you have left over is rest.

3 x 10 min rounds:
– 800m run
– 50 double unders
– 10 Power Cleans
– 2 Rope Climb

Power Clean weight:
L1-95/65 L2-115/75 L3-135/95

Scaling options
L1- 600m run
L2- 800m run
L2- 1000m run

-80 singles

Rope climb
– 4 rope pulls

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