PRIMUS Fitness

Tuesday, 08-27-2019

Group Warm up

Partner WOD, AMRAP 25
10 Push-ups
9 Box Jumps (24/20)
8 DB Cleans (35+/25+)
7 Parallette Pass Throughs
Row 250M

Partner 1 completes Push-ups, box jumps, DB Cleans, and parallette pass throughs while partner 2 rows 250M. When partner 2 finishes row, switch and partner 2 picks up on reps where partner 1 left off. 1 round = 10 push-ups, 9 box jumps, 8 DB Cleans 7 pass throughs

WOD Tips: Today’s partner workout includes descending rep counts on the movements so that you can get through the harder movements faster. Switch activities every 250m row.

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