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Tuesday, 08-06-2019

Dynamic warmup: 45” on/15” off of the following 8 movements

Jumping Jacks
High knees
Mountain climbers
Kettlebell swings
Arnold Presses

Skills: Handstand Push-up

3-5 HSPU (kipping, strict, deficit)

Partners WOD – Team “Carse”
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Reps for time, split reps

  • Start each round with a 50 meter relay bear crawl (25m each)
  • Power clean (95/65) (135/95)
  • Double Unders
  • Deadlift (185/135) (225/145)
  • Box Jump (24/20)

Rx+: Both teammates do 50m bear crawl each round

Notes: For the HSPU practice, work on improving your skills by doing the more difficult variant. Members who don’t have HSPU can try handstand holds for about 20 seconds. For the WOD,  members can break up the reps of Carse however they want. Bear crawls are split relay-style, so 25 meters each at the start of each round. Normally Carse has squat cleans, but since we did a ton of squatting on Monday we’re doing power cleans only.

“Carse” – U.S. Army Corporal Nathan B. Carse, 32, of Harrod, Ohio, assigned to the 2nd Engineer Battalion, 176th Engineer Brigade, based out of White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, died in Kandahar, Afghanistan, on February 8, 2011, from wounds suffered when insurgents attacked his unit using an improvised explosive device.

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