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Tuesday, 07-02-2019

Dynamic warm-up: 40” on / 20” off of the following 10 movements

Jumping jacks
Mountain climbers
Strict pull-ups
Ball slams
Russian twists
KB high pulls

Partner WOD I –  AMRAP 2’ – You-go-I-go
Burpees over partner

Take a 3’ break and set up for WOD II:.

Partner WOD II – Chipper, you-go-I-go, split reps

60 Box step ups with dumbbells (50/35)
60 Dumbbell snatches
60 Partner ball toss sit-ups (20/15)
60 Dumbbell cleans
60 Toes-to-bar
60 Dumbbell bent over rows
20 Tire flips
400m run with dumbbells

Notes: Partners should figure out the ideal way to break up burpees to max out in 2 minutes. Don’t accidentally step on your partner! The WOD is all dumbbells, grunt work, and little bit of skill thrown in. It’s hot out, stay hydrated! Don’t be afraid to set your equipment up outside either to get a little bit of breeze, especially in the evening.

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