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Tuesday, 06-11-2019

Warm Up: Legs
High Knees
But Kickers
Hip Rotations (In and Out)

Conditioning: For Time
Partner 1 Row while Partner 2 completes one round of Work. Partners switch and process repeats until team accumulates the Row Total.

Partner 1 — Row
L1 — 6,000m Total (~3:30 pace)
L2 — 8,000m Total (~2:52 pace)
L3 — 10,000m Total (~2:15 pace)

Partner 2 — Work
100m Farmer Carry @ 53/35
25m Burpee Broad Jump
25m Walking Lunge
10 Goblet Squat @ 53/35

45 Minute Cap

WOD Notes:  For this grinder, both partners are working at the same time, so there is no true rest. Both partners will have to really communicate before the WoD begins. The pair should choose a distance where they believe they can maintain pace for the row over a 45 minute duration. Take note as well that your legs will be getting fatigued not only by the row but by the other movements as well. If the team believes they can maintain an average of 2:15/500m splits, Level 3 will put that thought to the test.

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