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Tuesday, 04-23-2019

Warm up

Conditioning. Teams of 2
“Tailpipe Barbell”
3 Rounds Each
250m Row
Front Rack Barbell Hold
L1 115/75, L2 135/95
followed by
100 Double unders
80 Pull Ups
60 Power Snatches L1 11/75, L2 135/95
40 Deadlifts L1 185/125, L2 225/155
20 Parallette Pass Through

Wod Notes: Partner 1 Rows 250, while Partner 2 Holds Barbell in front Rack. Once the row is finished partners will switch. Each Partner will complete 3 rounds. This will get nasty. Once finished go right into the chipper. The chipper is split reps. You go, I go style.

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