PRIMUS Fitness

Thursday, 10-03-19

Skills EMOM – 16’ (4 sets of the following)

  • 5-7 strict pull-ups
  • 25 double or single unders
  • 6-8 dips
  • 2 rope climbs

Conditioning: Partners Grunt Work WOD
4 x 100m sled sprints (2/1 plates)
100 ball slams (20/15)
50 sandbag squats
30 strict pullups
4 x 100m sled sprints (2/1 plates)
12 sandbag getups
8 rope climbs
30 dips
4 x 100m sled sprints (2/1 plates)

RTG: weight vests

Notes: For the Skills EMOM, work on whatever the more difficult movement is for you at each station, e.g. double unders, ring dips, legless rope climbs, etc. On the partners WOD, each partner will do two sled sprints (4 x 100M) each at the station. Go vested to really be a rock star.

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