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Thursday, 04-11-2019

Part A – Murph Training

800M Run, Rest 3 minutes, 800M Run RX+ Vested

Part B – Seal Fit

400m Run with sandbag

50m Bear Crawl

400m Farmer carry 53/35

50m Crab Walk

50m Burpee Broad Jump.

400m Run with sandbag

RX+ Vested

WOD Tips:

Hell week and Murph are right around the corner. That means get your running shoes ready! Part A of today’s workout is the start for preparing you for those mile runs in Murph. Part B is pure Seal Fit style training with some movements that may or may not be seen in Hell Week! RX+ in Part B is vested, but don’t forget the sandbag on the 400M runs.

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