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Thursday, 01-24-2019

Warmup: 400m easy run + sandbag get-up demo and warm-up.
Everyone should do a couple of reps with the sandbag before starting.

Conditioning workout:
200m run
100m crab walk or army crawl inside gym
8 sandbag get-ups
30 jumpies
100m KB farmer’s carry
30 jumpies
8 sandbag get-ups
20 tire double jump-throughs
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50 bicep curls
200m run with sandbag
100m sandbag walking lunge inside gym
10 man makers

Rx+: Vests

Note: This is just a military style suckfest. Enjoy the burn. Gloves are recommended for the crab walk or long pants for the army crawl variant. With any time remaining, roll-out and stretch.

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