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Earl G

Let me first say I am the typical high school and college athlete of the 70’s, the time of extremes. Eventually life and career gets in the way of exercise. With that said, two years ago around this time, I was participating in my annual 200k erg challenge and strained my intercostal muscles. Eventually I had to go to the doctor. DO NOT go to your doctor if you have pulled chest muscles and are over 50. I promise you will end up in the cardiac care unit in your local hospital, no matter what you say! That is how I got to Crossfit Firebase. When all the tests were done over the next three days, in the cardiac care unit, and they decided I pulled some muscles because my heart was fine. I was the basically the healthy fat guy, if not fit.

With this news and being in a gym with purple walls for the prior year without results, my son, Earl aka Juice, invited me to join his gym -FireBase. With much pushing and my kids working me, I came to this place called CrossFit FireBase on a cold January Saturday morning with Juice, Jessica and my other daughter that did Crossfit in Tennessee. The team welcomed me and Raquel took me through the warm up. I still remember telling my kids that wasn’t too bad of a workout. I know they laughed inside. Juice informed me that was just the warm-up…. I was in trouble. I was going to embarrass myself in front of all these people and worst of all in front of my kids. Yes, I embarrassed myself but the FireBase stuck with me and my kids encouraged me and they let me know they were proud of me. When I say kids, I mean the three that were with me and the other two from out of town, a true full family effort. I fell in love with the FireBase – a true supportive unit and just “old school” workouts that I could remember from years past.

The next three days I thought I was back in my wrestling days from the pain and stiffness I felt. I had a hard time just raising my arms to wash my hair but I signed up. Jason and Carlos took me through Foundations and Danny talked nutrition. I was hooked. I still remember my first workout. I was dying trying to get it done and I was near the end of the WOD struggling, doing push-ups. Jason came over to me and asked if anyone spoke to me about modifications and I said no. He then he explained the modifications, this being near the end of the WOD! I will not write what I was thinking to myself but I told him thank you but I will gut this one out. I now use those modifications; when needed.

After more than two years and many medical issues, the team has always worked with me to keep me going whether it was abdominal surgery or tennis elbow to just name a few. The trainers and the rest of my FireBase family always encourage and joke with me through the pain. I have transformed my life since joining. I know look forward to the WOD, at least until I get there and I have changed how I eat, I am not on the “zone diet” but rather that is how I eat, most of the time.

Medically my doctor is ecstatic. January of 2012 I got a huge hug from my doctor because she has never seen cholesterol and other chemistry so good. She was over the moon with my cholesterol numbers to say the least; she has never seen numbers like mine in an adult male and she gives credit to FireBase and eating habits. Thank you guys! I have put my life back on track so I can be around a long time and see my kids succeed and my grandkids grow up. I have lost over 35 pounds of fat, toned up and know I have lost over 5 inches off my waist. My doctor agrees with my son that I have actually lost way more than 35 pounds of fat because of the increase in muscle tone and mass.

I cannot thank my real family and my FireBase family enough for giving me my life back and who knows what the future holds!

Earl G.
Orlando, FL