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Blaise B

blaiseMy name is Blaise Bowen AKA “Alpha King Cobra Dog”. I am an Orlando Firefighter and I started doing crossfit at Firebase about 2 years ago. I had just had shoulder surgery that did not go well and was having trouble with range of motion and strength in my right arm. I was having a hard time doing some of the routine firefighter duties that had always been easy for me in the past.

I figured that I would try crossfit for a few months and see if it was good rehab for my arm. It did not take long for me to get completely hooked. I loved how supportive everyone was and the GREAT coaching at Firebase. After hearing me talk non stop about crossfit for a few weeks I finally got my wife to give it a try. She fell in love with it immediately.

We both worked out regularly before Firebase but we didn’t do our workouts together. My wife was a triathlete and I did Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and was a runner. We were constantly heading out in seperate directions to go workout and by the time we would get home there wasn’t a lot of quality time left. We now go to Firebase about 4 times a week and that time together has been amazing for our marriage. It gives us things to talk about, mutual friends, and a chance to be supportive for each other as we work towards our goals. On a personal note I am very quiet and to myself around people I don’t know well and crossfit is helping me work on that.

I love so many things about Firebase that it is hard to narrow it down to just a few things but here goes. The owners, coaches, and all of the members are wonderful and supportive people. You will get in great shape in a fun positive atmosphere and if you are willing to work hard you will be able to achieve things that will really surprise you. Working out at Firebase has really had such a positive impact on my life and I am so thankful and grateful for that.