PRIMUS Fitness

Team Thursday

Group Warmup

2 Person Team WOD
While Partner 1 works, Partner 2 is in active (hold position) rest. Partner 1 will tag Partner 2 and partners will switch. Each partner completes all holds, runs, etc…

100 Single Unders/Plank on Elbows
200m Run/Hang from Bar
200m Run/Stand with Plates Overhead (50#M/30#F)
200m Run/Wall Sit with Plate (25#M/15#F)
200m Run/Handstand Hold
200m Run/Wall Sit, without Plate
100 Single Unders/Any Plank Hold

For Time.

Every break in a hold position incurs a 5 Burpee penalty.
Rest no more than :10 after a break in a hold position or incur another 5 Burpee penalty.
All Burpee penalties must be completed before calling time.

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