PRIMUS Fitness

Team of 3

As a Team of 3, complete the following movements:

Buy In, Tabata*
-Push Ups
-Air Squats

Rest 1:00

Carry barbell for 100m
Overhead Carry 200m
Any carry for 100m
150 Barbell Thrusters, split reps
Return to start via same route
Any carry for 100m
Overhead carry for 200m
Any Carry for 100m
60 Bear complex 105/75#
Run 1000m
150 Push Ups, split reps
Move 1000m with barbell

For time.

*For twenty seconds do as many reps of the assigned exercise as you can – then rest 10 seconds.
Repeat this seven more times for a total of 8 intervals, 4 minutes total exercise.
The score is the least number of reps for any of the eight intervals.
**Total number of lowest reps=seconds off TOTAL time

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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