PRIMUS Fitness

Strongman, 6-25-2019

A) Part 1:
Anderson (concentric) squat demo & practice

4 sets x 4 (singles) Anderson front squats
superset with
4 x 10 shrugs

Part 2:
4 x 5 dynamic effort tire flips

1 Warm-up Round, then 3 Rounds Increasing Weight
Front Rack Walks with KBs

Anderson squat demo video:

The Anderson Squat offers lifters a unique solution to poor starting strength (concentric), positional weaknesses, and stubborn sticking points in the squat.

By starting from a dead stop at the bottom of the lift (or at the bottom of a certain height), the strength-shortening cycle is minimized, resulting in:

Improves the rate of force development
Increases awareness and allows lifter to feel what a “correct” repetition is
Enhanced tension development and maintenance throughout entirety of lift

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