PRIMUS Fitness

Strongman, 04-26-2016

12’ EMOM dynamic effort
3 x Sumo-style deadlifts + 3 ring dips

Odd object carry + KB clean & jerk – 24′

  • 3-4 lines
  • Two plates on top of a 30’ box with another 30’ box at the far side of the gym.
  • Plates will vary in weight.
  • Each round increase weight / add more plates to increase difficulty.
  • Athlete bear hugs all weight and carries to the far box. Sets it down and does 6 KB clean and jerks.
  • Weight cannot be carried separately. Must be all plates in one trip. Figure it out.
  • Bear hug and carry weight back to first station.
  • 5 rounds total.

12’ to establish 2RM dip on bull horns
Use belt or hold dumbbells between feet

5’ core workout
30” russian twists with slammer ball / 30” ball toss sit-ups

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