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Spartan Challenge III – Hell Week 2019

‘Rise up, Warriors! Tonight We Dine in Hell!

Spartans! Do you have the strength, endurance, and will power to be a Spartan Warrior! Complete four out of five workouts in any order and record your times in Zen Planner to earn your Spartan Hell Week Morale patch. All four workouts must be completed by Friday, April 19th, 2019.

Raid of Leuctra

2,000M Run
Stop at grassy field before starting 2nd loop
100M Bear Crawl
100M Lunge
100M Broad Jump
100M Crab Walk
Finish 2nd loop
(Sandbag must be with athlete for all runs & movements)

Sicilian Expedition

1,000M Farmer Bar Carry 2×25 / 2×15
5 Burpees every time the bars touch the ground

Battle of Aegospotami

2,000M Row
20 Rope Climbs
2,000M Row
20 Tire Flips
200 hammer strikes

Retreat of the Persians

1 Mile Sled Drag 2×45 / 1×45 (with sled harness)
50 Sandbag Cleans at Base

Battle of Marathon II

5,000M Run Ruck 20/10 (5 PRIMUS Loops)
At 2,500M mark (cul-de-sac) 50 Push-ups and 50 Air Squats (With Ruck or Vest)
(If flag is carried, it cannot touch the ground)

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