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Spartan Challenge II

‘Rise up, warriors, take your stand at one an other’s side, our feet set wide and rooted like oaks in the ground.’

Spartans! Prepare to challenge your strength, endurance, and will to survive this test of physical fitness and mental toughness. Complete these workouts in any order and record your times in Zen Planner to earn your badge of honor. All four workouts must be completed by Friday, April 13th.

“Return to Sestos”
1000M Carry Kettlebell (53/35) and Sandbag (Men Heavier Bags / Ladies Lighter Bags)
200M mark 50 Push-ups
400M mark 50 KBS Swings
800M 50 Sandbag Squats
Bay door 50 Sandbag cleans

“The Great Foss”
100M Tire Flip
Stop at field
4x100M Bear Crawl
100M Tire Flip (back to Bay 1)
200M Back Rack Lunge 65/45

“March of the Spartans II”
1 Mile Sled Push 2×45/1×45
2 Burpees every time the sled stops

“Battle of Marathon”
5000M Run (5 Loops)
Men – Vest 20 lbs and small sandbag or back pack and large brick
Women – Vest 20 lbs or back pack and small brick
This workout can be done individually or as group, If as a group, must carry American Flag and stay together

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